There are ways to ventilate the …

After the day is cold, the room window ventilation has become a very critical thing. Long-term not to open the window is very easy to sense seven pathogenic bacteria, especially in the autumn and winter season, should pick the appropriate time point, or lg puricare air purifier circulation may not be the air. In some houses that have just been decorated. Open the window is more critical, the room has especially a lot of harmful substances, residual in the room will be digested and absorbed by the body, harming physical and mental health.

Small flowers today to teach the big guys a few aspects of natural ventilation tips, very good, come in and learn.

One, the best time to open the window

The best time to open the windows should be in the morning and afternoon, because there are some harmful substances in the air in the morning and dusk, this time to open the windows, harmful substances will be released into the room, people sucked into the body will be harmful to physical and mental health, open the windows instead, such as not open the windows. Open the windows from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, which is also the neatest time range of air. Morning and dusk will need to remember to close the doors and windows, due to the turbidity of the air in these two time frames.

Second, the home can put a few plants of water

Water evaporation can make the air more and more humid, especially in the dry weather in autumn and winter, in the sink plus some vinegar, that can also remove the odor in the room, especially some very heavy smell of furniture, put a pot of water with vinegar next to it, that can reduce the smell.

Third, do not open the windows in the rain to ventilate

When it rains, precipitation will flow in, wet furniture, there is a possibility that the room is getting wet and cold, and then mold. Therefore, to select the natural ventilation in sunny weather. Do not open windows in the rain.

In winter, the temperature is colder, so many people refuse to open the window, in fact, this is also unhealthy, winter air is not easy to commodity circulation, you can open the window moderately, but not open more, or the wind will be blown into the people will be cold.

Fourth, the case of cooking the smoke machine open

Restaurant kitchen is the site where we all stay every day, the process of cooking must be turned on the smoke, or else the fumes can choke everyone. Hazardous to physical and mental health. Kitchen fumes will continue to smoke the walls, careful observation will understand that there is especially a lot of dirt in the smoker, especially not environmental health. Usually also pay attention to the restaurant kitchen window ventilation. Both can make vegetables and fruits fresh, and can make us inhale the freshest air. Organic waste gas in the kitchen is very easy to collect in the large living room and bedroom, thus it is critical to immediately exhaust out the organic waste gas.

Five, install exhaust fans

In the absence of wind, you can usually use exhaust fans to ventilate the air. Generally used in the bathroom, there are some no windows in the bathroom, the inside is usually installed exhaust fan, you can exhaust out of the room does not flow of air. But in the exhaust fan will appear very loud noise, and the actual effect of natural ventilation is not as good as opening the window. And can produce efficacy of the standard is relatively small.

Six, the case of open windows do not have to open the window full

There are some areas sharper, the wind blowing over is not conducive to maintaining the wall. Can choose to open half. In even rainy, windy temperatures more can not enlarge the window, you can choose to open a little or immediately do not move.

Seven, put some activated carbon

We all know that activated carbon can digest and absorb harmful substances, put activated carbon in every corner, can maintain air cleanup. You can also put some green plants at home that can digest and absorb harmful substances to purify the air and protect your eyes.

Just finished decorating the new house, do not rush to move in, about natural ventilation up and down a month before considering to move in. You can also move in a few green plants during the period.


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