Pay attention to these things wh…

With the development of the Internet, online shopping has global gateway credit card processing the focus of people’s consumption, and offline supermarkets have also become more places to buy vegetables. However, online shopping is the Internet after all, and there are still many card friends who are prone to encounter problems, so the problem that card users are more concerned about is the explanation and solution.

2. Don’t borrow money to pay off your credit card. Instead of spending money on groceries, don’t borrow money to pay your bills.

This happened once in Japan. At that time, the interest rates of Japanese banks were low, and many ordinary people never paid attention to credit card overdrafts. What’s more interesting is that for credit card overdrafts, the Bank of Japan basically gives a buffer period of three months or even longer. This has led to many people still willing to swipe their cards even with negative equity.

Once the buffer period has passed, the bank will step up the collection, and the number of times is very frequent. If the overdraft credit card is used to purchase Chinese commodity information in installments, the commodity has a great impact and may be confiscated by the student for corporate mortgage. In order to solve this problem for themselves, many people go to other commercial banks to continue to apply for a credit card, and then withdraw cash to pay off the expired credit card.

But credit information is correlated, and it won’t take long for most banks to issue another credit card to this person. Many are forced to find microloans to repay them to ensure they can use this credit card.

Microloans also increase the interest rate slowly based on how much the person borrows. Borrowers are like entering a bottomless pit with no way out. As interest increases, the debt gets bigger and bigger. More and more debt, income beyond their means, make many people desperate.

3. Try to repay in full and on time

Before I started working, my income level was not too high. I often shopped online to find things that my students and children liked. In desperation, I used Chinese credit card information to analyze online shopping. But for my own development, I have always been able to repay in full and on time, and I have insisted on it for about a year. Although they did not receive a call from the bank for payment, they basically went out with half a month’s salary because the interest was calculated later. It is a good habit to repay in full on time. After all, everyone needs money urgently, but they must repay on time and develop a good habit of clearing debts in the current month.

Although we don’t use a physical credit card for online credit card purchases, we actually use credit card limits for transactions, so in most cases, online purchases still fall under the category of credit card purchases. But Xiaobian must remind you that not all banks use credit card consumption to summarize, and some banks will only use the credit card transaction information of the credit card machine as the credit card number and data source. Before the cardholder spends online, it is best to ask the card-issuing bank whether it is a card-swiping behavior.


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