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The multi-parameter monitor is a medical servo device used to ekg monitor many technical parameters such as blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, ECG, respiration, body temperature, etc. It is one of the most commonly used medical facilities and equipment problems in the ICU. It is said that they are all studying in the intensive care unit. And with the increase in the number of critically ill patients, many Chinese hospitals have established ICUs, and the utilization rate of multi-parameter monitors has also greatly increased. It is precisely because of the importance of the use of multi-parameter monitors that some miniaturization and portability have always been an important role in the research and development of multi-parameter monitor equipment management.

In order to adapt to different medical environments, the different physical structures of monitors can be divided into single-parameter, multi-parameter, plug-in and other types. Among them, multi-parameter monitors have the most obvious product advantages and are therefore the most widely used. Clinically, the application of multi-parameter monitor can enable medical staff to detect sudden arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, hypertension, early shock, hypoxemia and other symptoms in time. In addition, the device is also very helpful for drug therapy. After the patient takes the medicine, the medical staff can regularly observe the changes in the physiological parameters to determine the effect. If there is no effect, the drug can be changed in time. Because everyone’s physique is different, so everyone’s performance performance is also different, this phenomenon is very normal.

The use characteristics of multi-parameter monitor

The multi-parameter monitor can monitor 3 to 6 leads, which greatly improves the accuracy of arrhythmia identification and alarm without false alarms. In addition, if an individual monitoring lead falls off, the system will automatically select another lead to protect the monitoring state, which is especially intelligent.

Notes on use:

When using, it is preferred to place electrodes on less flat and dry body parts, and the skin should be cleaned before installation on the patient, such as: shaving body hair, washing with soap and water. Second, we have to fix the hidden buttons. Finally, place the electrodes on the patient and clamp the leads to the bed. Do not pull the patient over the wire.


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