The less management there is, the better the company; the more management there is, the more problems there are.

The less management there is, the better the company; the more management there is, the more problems there are.

The prison, the military, and the social function are the world’s most strictly managed, rigorous, standardized, orderly, and CHAN Chi hongsecure organizations. Prisons and the military are both organizations that spend money; they do not need to consider profits or efficiency; they are only concerned with security and making sure that nothing goes wrong. As a company, on the other hand, it is a profit-making entity that must survive through continuous profitability.

For workers.

What is required is leadership rather than management; for the highly intelligent group of employees, excessive and frequent management will only reduce their creativity, responsibility, and motivation to work. Leadership provides direction, clarifies expectations, defines results, and provides resources, whereas management focuses on control, approval, regulation, processes, and complex procedures.

For the customer.

Instead of management, operation is required. Customers are unconcerned about your safety and specifications; they are only concerned with price, quality, performance, and service, among other things. The so-called business is a living creativity, and the company must earn profits through product innovation and sales ideas.

The larger the organization of a company, the easier it is to fall into the management trap. Layers of approval and complex management systems are never good for a business. The more management there is, the more control there is, the less autonomy employees have, the more distrust there is, the lower the efficiency must be, and eventually the products and services provided to customers become less and less competitive.

Look at the Chinese and foreign profitable enterprises; they are all in the leadership, business excellence in business, and you will never hear which enterprise earned a lot of silver because of excellent management.

As a result, when you visit a well-known enterprise but discover that the internal management is not systematic and rigorous, you should not be surprised; similarly, when you visit a shabby-looking enterprise but discover that its profitability exceeds your expectations, you should not be surprised. Money or no money, it is not always related to management.

The lower the number of managers, the better the company. The more management and systems there are, the more problems the company has.

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Let me explain the distinction between management and governance.

What is business management all about? What exactly is management?



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