How can I learn marketing effectively? These are the key points.

Methods and means of achieving the goal

Setting a goal is a good idea, but JIANG Yuweithere should be specific means that can be tested and evaluated, as well as a path to achieve the goal.

Methods: Alternatives to traditional marketing

Super IP is the brand’s solution. This primarily addresses the issue of brand empowerment and precise positioning.

The scene is the product’s solution. This is primarily to address traffic and immediate demand.

The Internet business model is the channel’s solution. The solution to the channel’s driving force problem is to empower the B-side, operate the community, and fission in the C-side with the B-side as the core.

Big data and self-promotion are the answer to accurate marketing promotion. Create a system for managing agents and customers. Empowering agents, improving consumer experiences, increasing consumer and business viscosity; quickly attracting and reaching with the Internet, self-media, Baidu, communities, and so on; the main solution here is accurate data, user communication, and service issues.

The solution to conversion and fission is community. Create a community, shape the subculture and values of the community, gather seed users, operate the community, precipitate and transform traffic, quickly introduce investment resources, and roll out replication. The goal is to precipitate users, traffic, operation, and conversion in the C-sides, and then to realize traffic and user fission.

Be a person first in a harmonious relationship.

I frequently encounter “pretentious" individuals of two types: those who are “pretentious" in the market and those who are “pretentious" in the workplace. In general, the former will receive more “resources," while the latter will become more “miserable."

We can be “wolfish" and “high-profile" in the market, but in terms of people, it is better to be “modest and cautious, and avoid arrogance and impatience."

There are marketing laws and market methods; I hope my colleagues grasp the “laws" and discover the “essence," and continue on the marketing path.

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Marketing efforts should begin with identifying the appropriate customers.

Marketing The most important step is to select the appropriate customer.

Is there a marketing secret? There is no magic formula for marketing, but there is a method.


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