The right way to do formula, baby mama and daddy, do you usually do it all right?

I believe that every mother wants tobb奶粉 breastfeed her baby after giving birth, but may not have breastfed her baby for various reasons. Or the baby’s body can not eat breast milk, this time you need formula. For most of the days and nights in Wuhan consciousness, making milk powder is a simple thing to do. Just add water and milk powder and shake it. In fact, there is also something to be said for brewing milk powder.

First, milk powder should be put in奶粉比較 the right amount and the concentration should be moderate. Many businesses young parents, subconsciously think that different concentrations of high things to carry more nutrition, when brewing milk put a lot of problems milk powder. In fact, when the baby is small, the gastrointestinal is particularly environmental fragile, the concentration level is too high milk powder can be eaten they will not digest, but on the contrary, the baby’s physical condition is not good. So baby mothers and fathers to baby milk powder, must develop to pay attention to the students moderate, do not soak our milk powder too thick.

Secondly, it is best to use 母乳餵哺 boiling water of medium temperature. The water used to make milk for the baby, it is best to boil first, and so cool to a certain temperature before use, parents must not feel very troublesome, there are many benefits of doing so. If the water temperature is too low, the milk powder will easily froth and not open; if the water temperature is too high, how will it destroy the nutrition in the milk powder. Water around 40 degrees is the most suitable temperature for milk, and the nutrients can be best preserved at this time. Be sure to put a drop on your skin to feel the temperature before feeding your baby.

Third, the order of making milk is to put the water first, followed by the milk powder. Unlike the drinks that adults brew every day, baby’s formula needs to be added to the right amount of water and when it is the right temperature, then put in the formula and shake it well. This can also avoid the mistake of drinking water, resulting in a cup of milk powder can not drink.

Fourth, brew the right amount of milk powder and don’t keep the rest. When brewing milk for parents and babies, make sure to brew it according to the baby’s appetite and don’t brew too much. The brewed milk powder should not be heated. The nutrition is basically destroyed after heating. The formula for each meal is also not good and easy to have bacteria. If the baby gets sick, it will be more than worth it. Powdered milk is not cheap, try to control the amount per meal, otherwise it would be a waste to pour it out.

Finally, as your baby grows and develops, the nutrition needed varies, and in order to socially protect your baby’s nutrition at each stage of growth and education, it is necessary to follow up with your baby to change the formula. Some babies carry out a long time to eat a kind of problem milk powder, there may exist will not adapt to the new milk powder, this work time, you can choose to put two different milk powder together with students. At the beginning, the amount of the new brand of milk powder is a little less, and with time the baby’s adaptation, gradually increase the amount until we can achieve a complete inability to adapt to the new brand. Parents change the milk powder do not say change, gradually let the baby company gradually improve the adaptation.

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