Why are we not doing well in the corporate lending industry now?

An industry is mature, through the period of profiteering, the more mature the industry, the more employees, 還卡數the industry will naturally survive the fittest, in the wind pigs will fly up, but only after the tide to know who is swimming naked.

The more mature the industry, the more intense the competition, the more transparent the IT level, the lower the profit margin of the industry. In fact, it is the same as selling things, before the purchase price of $3 things can be sold for 30 yuan, but once the 借貸competitors come, there will be a price war, you drop the price to 20 yuan, the opponent will drop the price to 10 yuan, you drop the price to 5 yuan. The opponent can directly reduce the price to 3.3 yuan, and finally there is no way you can only reduce the price to 3.3 yuan, after all, there is still 0.3 yuan of profit, profit margin from 900% down to 10%.

But if you think about it the other way around, the profit margin of many mature industries is actually about 10% -30%. The dividend period for this industry has passed, and what you earn is what you earn. In other words, you used to earn industry dividends, you are now earning sweat equity.

Since 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve-led quantitative easing monetary policy, there has been a lot of monetary over-issuance and watering down. At one time, the financial markets were very active and growing very fast. With sufficient funds and market economy, coupled with various financial innovations, various bank loans, P2P online loans, private banks, microfinance, etc. blossomed.

The prosperity of the financial products market, the natural environment has attracted more capital and talent 成立海外公司development into the unevenness of the personnel has created chaos in the industry. Just like the P2P network lending by financial enterprises innovation, evolved into a drumming game, once the practice management platform skyrocketed to more than 7,000 (there are still some students violation of the small platform company has not been officially reported through the registration information), but we have now become everyone knows that under the national regulatory system to be able to directly clear up. One is not left, a chicken feather.

The same is true for small online loans. Before last year, there were at least thousands of well-known, unknown and unlicensed licenses in Shenzhen. When state regulatory policies were introduced last September to crack down on private lending, there were just over 100 licensed businesses left, but no more than 10 in the active market. And risk control policies have become stricter, such as the current salaries are not paid salaries, it is difficult to approve without quality units, the business does not have housing (some small lenders are not approved without deep housing), or the turnover is not high, even if the approved volume is not very high.

We should know that in the past, any salaried person who paid wages on behalf of the salary was not a big problem as long as he accepted an interest of 1 million dollars, and the owner of a small convenience store could usually raise more than 2 million dollars.

In those days money was not money just a number, loan practitioners, with a little diligence, basically make a large sum of money. It was not a problem to put a few million things a month. The commission is 2% , a few dozen dollars a month. In addition some customers will also charge a little money. Basically, it is a high income group.

In fact, finance is essentially for the real service. At present, the real economic environment is not good, the overdue rate has increased significantly. The more you borrow, the more the boss loses. When I used to make small payments, I helped the company to collect once. The owner of the top ten companies in the domestic optical lens industry was once really brilliant, and then borrowed money everywhere to invest in R&D VR. The result was that the VR market never caught fire, and was so heavily in debt that only a warehouse of VR glasses remained. When we went to collect them, the owner was really smart. The owner’s investment failed and there was nothing he could do.

Over the years we have not been engaged in the loan service industry, many company owners feedback that business is not good, many people borrow money is a in order to give business “life" are struggling just. Just a kind of expectation to boil some social competitors, expect the recovery of the industry, expect to return to the old days. It even leads them to not want to keep expanding economic development.

If the real economy is not good, the development of the financial lending industry will be more difficult. Of course, this industry is not easy to do. The profit source of finance can only be a part of the profits of the real economy. Simply put, the financial lending industry can only get a little soup when the real economy makes money. Once finance is separated from the real economy, it is a purely monetary game that has no meaning.


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