To get the hood you like, rememb…

Facing the problem of heavy cooking fumes in China, we often have to cook without a range hood. The newest addition to the range is the newest addition to the range. In addition to knowing how to choose one with high suction power, we also need to look at the size 抽油煙機.

1. Air pressure

Air pressure is an important indicator in the selection of a cooker hood and determines whether or not the fumes can be discharged smoothly outside. If you live on a high floor. If you live on a high floor, the exhaust pipe is longer. When you are far from a public flue, you need to choose a hood with a relatively high air pressure.

2. Airflow

Airflow refers to the speed at which a cooker hood exhausts smoke. The greater the value of the airflow, the better the effect of the smoke extraction it can quickly expel a large amount of grease in the kitchen, but it does not mean that the greater the airflow the better, because the airflow is often accompanied by strong noise, so we need to make a certain 抽油煙機.

3. Noise

Noise is the A-sound power level of a range hood measured by the prescribed method at a rated voltage and frequency. Generally speaking, a range hood with a noise value below 60dB(A) is relatively quiet and a range hood with a noise value above 70dB(A) is relatively loud.

4. Cleaning

Over time, grease can build up inside, which not only affects the effectiveness of smoking, but also costs us more time, effort and money to clean.

Therefore, when purchasing, you can pay attention to whether the hood has a self-cleaning function, such as electric heating self-cleaning, steam cleaning, etc., to avoid frequent cleaning, and also to reduce manual disassembly and cleaning of the internal parts of the hood, extending 抽油煙機.

Learning to choose a reliable and practical range hood not only directly enhances the cooking experience, but also keeps the kitchen air fresh and protects our health.


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