The common types of insurance fi…

Many people want to buy insurance, and feel that buying insurance is very complicated, set in stone many, not clear what the actual goods have a role, this article we will introduce, the common types of insurance financial products.

First of all, what is insurance? Business insurance is money, a little money for a lot of money. A little money is the cost of insurance, a lot of money is the money given to you by the car insurance company.

Many people first contact with commercial insurance, most of them are gradually to accident insurance, then what is meant by accident insurance?

The insurance is a commercial insurance that takes the beneficiary’s human body as the base of the commercial insurance, and pays for the beneficiary’s death, disability, medical expenses or temporary loss of work capacity due to an accidental injury.

The damage must be caused by an accident, that is, a violent and 自願醫保已知已有疾病 safety accident from outside. Only the three criteria of “outside", “strong", and “accidental" can constitute the insurance accident of the contract. At the same time, it must be a non-illness, non-intentional safety accident resulting in damage.

Therefore sudden death is usually not covered by accident insurance, but nowadays a part of accident insurance can additionally cover sudden death.

The gradually increasing medical costs are daunting, and medical insurance and critical illness insurance are generally standard for everyone to address the expenses of medical care and the damage to earnings at work caused by illness. This part of the content refers to the content of previous articles

In fact the essence of whole life insurance and term life insurance is all about the death of the beneficiary as a commercial insurance-only tool to pay the death benefit.

The only difference is the term of insurance, which is the lifetime of the beneficiary for whole life insurance, and the term life insurance because of the promise of the insurance contract.

If a person’s expense budget is relatively limited, he can thoroughly apply the insurance financial products like term life insurance to pry up a relatively large bar, and in his most spirited situation, or the most important situation to the family, term life insurance gives full play to a very large function, for example, there is also a relatively large amount of residential housing loans, for example, children under 18 years old, then once the accident occurs at this time, then fully corresponding to a small amount in exchange for a larger assurance.

Therefore, you can exchange the composition of goods for a perfect cost-effective business insurance plan plan

The pension service annuity and teaching money, the money is an emergency provision for my family. The first thing that we can do is to make sure that we have the right amount of money for our own retirement services and our children’s education.

Everyone seems a common insurance case that

In order to better facilitate the analysis, the accident insurance is taken out independently to do the type of insurance analysis.

In fact commercial insurance is very simple, there are only three categories.

The first category is the billing category

This is also used to deal with important matters. For example, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, on-time and whole life insurance, etc., matched to deal with critical illness, the emergence of accidental death, disability and other issues. When an insurance accident arises, the car insurance company will pay the lump sum insurance cost as promised in the contract, and the insurance is how much to give is how much.

The second category is the expense reimbursement and subsidy category

This is also used to deal with trivial matters. It contains hospitalization medical insurance, medical insurance for emergencies, hospitalization treatment subsidy insurance, etc., matching the reimbursement system and subsidies for treatment expenses caused by hospitalization treatment.

The third category is the compulsory deposit category

This is the one that deals with nothing. For example, pension insurance, education insurance, etc. The money is an emergency provision for my family.

Everyone’s pension service, children’s education money, even though this is also something that must be generated, we can formerly engage in a good reserve, financial funds, in the confirmed time so that we must have that clear money in.

And when it comes to urgent needs, is it expected to ask for help from others with palms up or with palms down?

Compare the three types of commercial insurance: accidental injury death and disablement are classified as paid

Accidental injury medical expenses are expense reimbursement type

Accidental injury hospitalization benefits are classified as subsidized

We look at the commodity obligations or provisions of the case, read carefully will be very easy to compare out, master the types of insurance financial products, conducive to understanding the function and practical significance of insurance, stronger selection of insurance financial products, so that commercial insurance to their homes to get a good risk control, easy to solve.


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