Do you like pets,Are you allergi…

Pets play a role in our lives as “companions" and their status in our homes is rising because of their cute appearance and observations.

But there is a different group of people who love a small animal, but have some allergies to their hair.

In this case, you want to improve your pet’s cuteness, air purifier for pet allergies but also to take full account of your family’s feelings, it is really difficult to make a choice.

Are your family members allergic to their pets?

When a family member is allergic to their pet, mild rashes, itching, allergic rhinitis: stuffy nose, itchy nose, runny nose, sneezing. Conjunctivitis. People who are overweight may experience asthma and breathing difficulties.

What can I do if I don’t want to give my pet away and I’m concerned about my family’s health?

If the symptoms are not serious, you can use the following common sense methods.

One, allergens, mainly through their dander, saliva, urine, etc.. As long as we are not licked or bitten, supervise and manage to wash your hands immediately after touching them.

Second, keep a “clean slate" at home so that pets can’t get in and prevent allergens from accumulating on mattresses and bedding. Clean the room harder than before, use an air purifier with a high-efficiency filter, and avoid using carpet. Of course, when you enter it, try to be as much of a foreigner as possible, or take a bath.

Control the contact time between your pet and your family, and in case of allergic symptoms, stop immediately and let your family relax in the bedroom.

The pet’s hair is small, short, and does not shed easily, and if conditions permit, the pet should be bathed frequently and the uncle should comb his hair outdoors.


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